People are in your life for a reason, a season, or to stay.

People are in your life for a reason, a season, or to stay.

And sometimes we’ve just got to let them go.

I dated a guy for a year.

He was lovely: kind, respectful, sincere.

But he wanted freedom.

And I wanted family.

It all came to a head when he was moving flats.

My lease was up, and we’d been seeing each other for nearly 12 months.

‘Do you want to look at apartments with me?’ He asked.

I told him my dream part of the city;

We searched there, picked out a place.

He signed a contract.

And asked me not to sign it too.

For me, it was the final straw on a series of soft, gentle nothings, that made it clear I wanted something, needed something, that he couldn’t provide.

So even though it hurt, we ended it.

It was absolutely the right choice.

When we cling to the wrong people,

We keep out the right.

Sometimes we hold on so hard that we lose ourselves in the process; trying to become what they want; focusing only on their needs.

Sometimes we simply sludge through friendships that lost their sparkle long ago.

So today, allow yourself to reflect on the people around you.

Online. Offline. Everywhere.

Ask if they bring your soul good vibes.

And if they don’t,

Feel no shame in simply, kindly,

Stating your own goodbye.

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