Toxic love

Angry? Outraged? Disgusted?

Good. Good.

I am too.

Because what an idiot.

Because who is he, to comment on my body.

Because why are men always, always the ones to slide into my DMs with unwanted pictures or unwelcome judgements.

Because a thousand things.

But I don’t want to focus on all of that.

I want to focus on you.

Your feelings.

Your response, right now.

I want you to hold that emotion close.

A few weeks ago,

I opened up about all the comments an ex of mine made on my body.

I received thousands of messages from all of you,

Sharing stores about the same.

About boyfriends who tore apart your body.

About husbands, who made fun of your shape.

About fathers. Brothers. Strangers.

Who picked and pulled until you felt flawed.

I’ve been there.

I know how easy it can be to believe their lies.

How self confidence starts to stutter and shatter and break.

Until you think, maybe, they’re telling the truth.

Until you think they’re right.

But they’re not.

Like this idiot here, is not.

So the next time it happens,

Remember this post, this feeling, this.

Protect yourself with the same love,

Show yourself the same kindness,

That you might have given me just now.

You deserve it.

You always have.

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